Yen Chow Street Modular Social Housing Project

Yen Chow Street Modular Social Housing Project
Junction between Yen Chow Street West and Tung Chau Street, Sham Shui Po
Building Height
2 blocks with 4-storey
No. of units
Around 205 units
Types of unit
1-person household unit, 2-person household unit, 3-person household unit, Accessible units at ground floor
Each unit have separate toilet and bathroom with electric water heater, open kitchen for using electric cooker
Tenancy Period
Tenancy period for tenant is 2 years

- Hong Kong resident Aged 18 or above
- Currently living in subdivided houses, squatter houses, top-floor houses and other residences with poor environment;
- In urgent housing need;
- Family applicants need to hold a valid Hong Kong Housing Authority public rental housing application number and have been registered-3 years or more (the data of the applicant and other family members must match the data in the Housing Authority public housing application)
- Having a full-time job or applied for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA);
- Have a practicable move out plan and move out within a 3-year stay period.


Applicants can fill in the application format our website: If the application has been submitted online successfully, the applicant does not need to mail the paper application form; otherwise, it would be treated as a duplicated application, and we reserved the right to cancel all related applications. The deadline for online application is 4/7/2021 (Monday) 5:30 pm (Applicants must complete the required information before the deadline); 

As the number of applicants is expected to be large, we will enter the interview selection by drawing lots. Initially eligible applicants will be drawn lots to list the interview order. The first 45 of the 1-person households will be drawn, the first 24 of the 2-person family will be drawn, and the first 12 of the 3-person family will be drawn. Interviews will be arranged according to the sequence number.

The results of the draw will be published on our website:, and the interview sequence number of the draw result will be notified by SMS. Our staff will also notify the applicant of the interview date and time by SMS.

For enquiries, please contact the Hotline at 6916-7670 or visit .


Service Theme

St. James Concourse aims to alleviate the housing needs of low-income families with 1-3 persons. In the short term, it is expected to improve the living environment and quality of life of the households. Meanwhile, through the social services provided to promote the concept of "healthy living" to strengthen the healthiness of households. In addition, the project also has neighborhood volunteer activities to promote the healthy lifestyle to the community through the participation of residents.

Expected Move-in
February 2022
Service Operator

St. James Settlement