Modular Housing Construction

modular housing drawing

Modular Housing is a modern and innovative housing type. The prefabricated modular housing is using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method. It would have to meet the basic requirements of the laws of Hong Kong in respect of fire prevention, wind protection, noise prevention and environmental protection. Manufacturers must have relevant production experience and technology, and provide proof of testing certificate that meets the requirements of European and American countries, in order to meet basic livability requirements. There are a lot of lands available for short-term use in Hong Kong, including idle land from government and private companies, if using modular housing to build transitional housing; it will definitely help to improve the housing condition and quality of life of the grassroots.

Overseas Modular Housing


Overseas experience also proves that combined housing could reduce construction time and costs

  • The advantage for MiC method lies in the reusability of modular housing units.  When the lease of site ends, modular housing units can be dismantled and moved to other sites to assemble again. Reusable parts include modular housing units, staircases and other metal frame etc.
  • MiC is widely used in countries like Netherland, England, Singapore and Australia for building permanent or transitional housing.
  • The use of MiC method could shorten the construction time for modular social housing. The typical construction of residential building which includes demolition, land formation and construction of new building will take a few years. On the contrary, construction time for modular social housing units in the existing idle land is around 1 year.
  • HKCSS will look for a main contractor from the lists of accepted MiC system, and purchase recognized modular housing units. These modular housing should have certificates to prove that the material used is safe, non-flammable, water proofing, sound proofing, rust proofing and no toxic chemicals.

Concept Design

Concept Design

Scale and Design

  • The type of modular housing consists of “1-person household unit”, “2-person household unit”, “3-person household unit”, and accessible unit at the ground floor.
  • The average living space per person is no less than 7sqm with reference to minimum average living space per person in the public rental housing
  • Each unit will be equipped with a self-contained toilet, a bathroom with electric water heater and open kitchen for use of electric cooker.
  • The external wall of modular housing will be decorated in colors so as to creating a young, energetic and modern outlook image.  Also there will be adequate prescribed windows in place to fulfill the lighting and ventilation requirement of the building ordinance.