In Hong Kong, there are lots of grassroots families and persons living in inadequate housing conditions such as subdivided flats, with high rental expense.  Living in a dismal and small unit, many low income households are socially isolated. They know few neighbors and thus lack social support from the community.  This socially isolated situation often reproduces its vulnerability and deprivation.
HKCSS advocate and develop social housing, not only tacking the housing problem, also aiming to help those low income households to build community support network. With the network, they could identify more community resources and supports to improve their living quality, and gradually step out of poverty.

  • To provide affordable and transitional social housing to families and persons whom queued for the public rental housing and/ or currently live in dismal and inadequate housing conditions so that their living quality can be improved.
  • To develop tenants’ capacity by strengthening their community support for them, and encouraging them to contribute to the community.
  • To adopt modular integrated construction, which is the most efficient, economic and environmental friendly way, to build transitional social housing in idle land