Social Service Support

Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Council launched Jockey Club Incubating Community Participation through Modular Social Housing Pilot Programme at the Nam Cheong Street site. The’s objective is to incubate efficacy-based participation for the community. It is expected that new residents can develop their ability and contribute to the community, on top of obtaining supports from the service operator. To develop a better housing project, the engaged service operator will play a role to provide social services to new residents such as designing saving plan with residents, providing community participation programme, employment training and support service, in order to improve their capacity for tackling living challenge. The services for social housing are designed at individual level and community level.

  • Individual level: Support tenant to learn life skills like saving plans and increase their awareness of community resources to improve their capacity in tackling living challenge such as how to rent a flat in a private market.
  • Community level: Help residents establish social network with neighbors and the larger community in order to have more social support, and meanwhile contribute to the community.

Nam Cheong 220 Community Network:

Service Operator Tung Wah Groups of Hospital applies “Shared Economy” as the service concept to enable the households to share their belongings, skills and time. Hope to build a large-scale "shared living" space in Sham Shui Po District. Nam Cheong 220 Community is not only building up in its neighborhood. With the support from TWGHs, the residents of Nam Cheong 220 are able to reach out various community resources as well as participate into co-sharing of resources, time and skills to other community members, thus connect to a larger Sham Shui Po community and build a mutual support community network. You are welcomed to visit the Nam Cheong 220 Community Map to find out the connection between Nam Cheong 220 and the Sham Shui Po Community. The community network listed below demonstrated the relationship between Nam Cheong 220 and the Sham Shui Po Community.



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